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Since childhood I have always enjoyed making things.     

In 2005 I started a BA Fine Art degree which led to a MA Fine Art. At that time my work was painting and collage which gradually developed into assemblage and eventually into sculpture. I explored and experimented with natural materials and became interested in the way work interacts with its environment, especially the outdoors. I was particularly influenced by the work of Kurt Schwitters, Gordon Matta Clark, Robert Rauschenberg and Richard Serra. Their processes of constructing and deconstructing structures within space resonated with my own practice.

Clay was a material that interested me, it was part of the earth and could be returned back once re-formed. It also lent itself well to my process due to its malleability. In 2012 I relocated to Sheffield after many years away from the city I grew up in. I joined a pottery class to learn the skills and expertise needed to work with clay and here too I met like minded people willing to share ideas. I set up a studio in my home, acquired a kiln and now use my garden and home to place my ceramics. I rediscovered the city centre architecture and the surrounding Peak District and this along with the flora and fauna of my garden provides the stimulus for much of my work.

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